About Us



Our Mission

Wisdom Waves is committed to providing assistance to people who are ready to begin or deepen their healing process by offering an educational system based on the tenants of Reorganizational Healing, and by utilizing Network Care, to support them in realizing their authentic nature so they can give more of their gifts to the world and humanity.

What this Means for You

Whatever your health challenges or goals may be, whether you want to relieve pain, revitalize your body, transform and empower your life, or awaken your heart and mind to the wisdom within, you’ll find proven tools and strategies at Wisdom Waves Wellness Center to help you create the changes you desire.
If you want to create a foundation of extraordinary vitality and energy where your body is performing optimally on all levels, then you’ve come to the right place.  Fulfillment in all areas of your life ~ your relationships, your career, your finances, and your spirituality ~ is easier once you understand how to work with your physical body and access your innate resourcefulness.  With a strong, free and vital body you’ll be able to fully embrace and enjoy that which brings you the most passion and joy in life.

The Work We Offer

When you visit Wisdom Waves Wellness Center you will be introduced to an advanced clinical technology called Network Spinal Analysis, to a series of mind-body enhancing exercises called Somato Respiratory Integration, and to the principals and tenants of Reorganizational Healing.  These methodologies were developed by our mentor and colleague Dr. Donald Epstein and they form the core of our wellness program.  





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